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“Our company’s reputation as an employer of choice has been reinforced by the addition of a HSF Health Plan. Prospective employees are drawn to our organisation knowing that we prioritise their well-being and offer comprehensive healthcare benefits, making us stand out in a competitive job market.”
Nick Spiteri Paris
“The success of HSF Health Plan has reinforced our belief in the importance of proactive healthcare and its direct impact on our employees' lives and the organization as a whole. By continuing to invest in their well-being, we are confident that we will continue to see a thriving and productive workforce, contributing to the long-term success of our company.”
Odette Bellizzi
HR Manager
"We are delighted with the positive impact that the health cash plan has had on our employees and business. By providing coverage for dental, optical, chiropractic services, and more, our team members have been empowered to adopt a healthier mindset. This has translated into fewer health-related issues, as our workforce has become more health-conscious and proactive. The health cash plan has proven to be a valuable investment, contributing to improved well-being, increased productivity, and a thriving work environment."
Hannah Brincat
HR Manager
“At Bigbon Group, we recognise the positive role that the inclusion of the HSF Health Plan has played in positioning us as an employer of choice. Most importantly, our dedication towards the well-being of our employees through comprehensive healthcare benefits has boosted morale and promoted a healthy work culture!”
Catherine Psaila
Group HR Manager
"HSF Health Plan's team demonstrated a truly genuine approach and advice that instantly forged a connection with us. Not only are their plans affordable (and let's not forget their commitment to a noble cause, but they've also enriched our employees' coverage in ways unmatched by any other provider. The implementation process was seamless and swift. We're truly pleased with the value they've added."
Joseph Farrugia
Managing Director
“Offering a HSF Health Plan to our workforce empowers staff to prioritise their health by allowing them to access all health services such as dentists, GPs, Physicians etc. The plan covers most of the costs with instant cash back, a great way to give back to our employees for their hard work and dedication.“
Kris Cardona
Managing Director
“The HSF plan is very easy to set up and as a small business we really appreciate the HSF team availability and the speed of their claim processing".
Luca Pasqualotto
CEO of GP Services Limited