Health cash plans for employees launched in Malta

First Health Plan


HSF health plan (Malta) Ltd is part of a group of Health Cash Plan providers wholly owned by the charity, called The Hospital Saturday Fund.

The health plan provided by HSF health plan (Malta) Ltd  (“the health plan”) offers flexible and cost-effective health protection to a company’s most important resource: its workforce. Covering a range of physical and mental health-related needs, the health plan gives employees the peace of mind that company health benefits are addressing their individual requirements.

Employees who become policyholders, may claim money back for a selection of medical care from dental and eyesight check-ups to doctor visits. The health plan provides easier access to routine heath care, often leading to early detection of conditions or complications.

“Employees will quickly be able to attribute a value to our schemes as they claim back medical expenses without the requirement of a GP referral,” explained CEO, Mr Paul Jackson, “Best of all, our health plans are group rated; so employees pay the same costs irrespective of age. Our schemes are therefore cost-effective and easy to administer, and most importantly a high-profile and impactful employee benefit which people will appreciate.”

The versatility of the health plan means that companies may either choose to offer the programme as their main corporate health benefit or as an addition to basic cover already in place.

If introduced as a corporate funded benefit, the health plans offer a flat, low-cost payment structure that can be scaled up or down monthly depending on the number of employees engaged by the organisation. Alternatively, companies may choose to offer the plan as a voluntary scheme at zero expense to the employer.

HSF health plan (Malta) Ltd  is owned by a charity called The Hospital Saturday Fund, which was founded in 1873 in London to help hospitals and medical institutions expand their services to reach more people. Even today, the charity donates all profits generated by their group of Health Cash Plan providers to medically associated charities and to individuals. This year alone, the Hospital Saturday Fund donated over €2.2 million to medical services and research in the UK and Ireland. It plans to extend this grant making to Maltese charities.­­­

“We are very pleased to be launching in Malta,” said Hospital Saturday Fund CEO, Paul Jackson. “The last time we started in a new country was over 70 years ago in Ireland, so this is a significant step for us. We think that our health plans will complement the healthcare system in Malta and be a great fit for Maltese employers, providing real value for the employer and employees.”


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