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Empowering Employee Well-being: The Bigbon Group Case Study

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From left to right: Ray Micallef, General Manager and Executive Director, HSF Health Plan, Nick Spiteri Paris, Chief Executive Officer, Big Bon Group, and Catherine Psaila, HR Manager, Big Bon Group.

HSF Health Plan Malta partners with forward-thinking employers, fostering healthier and happier workplaces. In early 2023, we joined hands with the Bigbon Group, a renowned name in Malta’s retail landscape. Our collaboration aims to empower Bigbon Group to invest in their employees’ well-being, demonstrating the potential of our HSF Health Plans to drive positive change by fostering a workplace that is more vibrant, engaged, and productive. 

Join us as we explore the story of Bigbon Group and the transformative impact of our partnership.

Prioritising Health for a Stronger Workforce

Bigbon Group, a prominent player in Malta’s retail sector, has earned a strong reputation as an employer of choice. Their recent expansion plans, which include opening five flagship stores at The Shoreline Mall in spring 2024, have put recruitment at the top of their business priorities. Given the competitive nature of Malta’s recruitment pool, employers must offer comprehensive health benefits to attract and retain skilled employees. 

Our commitment to employee well-being through HSF Health Plan has been a key factor in making us an attractive employer for talent, said Catherine Psaila, HR Manager at Bigbon Group. Over the past few months, Bigbon Group’s employees have enjoyed a wide range of medical benefits, including doctor’s visits, prescriptions, dental and optical care. 

Our marketing campaigns highlight the benefits we offer our employees, such as 25% discounts on all our brands, flexible hours for part-time staff, and the HSF health benefits,” shared Catherine Psaila. These benefits have significantly contributed to the success of their recruitment efforts for The Shoreline Mall, giving candidates more money in their pockets and greater control over their physical and financial well-being. 

In summary, the partnership between HSF Health Plan and Bigbon Group has delivered tangible benefits of prioritising employee well-being in today’s competitive job market.

HSF Health Plan Malta: Where HR Leaders Drive Positive Change

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Left to right: Adrian Button, Head of Sales and Marketing UK & EU, HSF Health Plan, Glyn Tomlinson, GMC Member, The Hospital Saturday Fund, Mark Davies, Trustee, The Hospital Saturday Fund, Ana Vega, Executive Assistant to the Group Chief Executive, The Hospital Saturday Fund, Josette Frendo, Founder, Smiling with Jerome Foundation, Marianne Bonnici, Committee Member, Smiling with Jerome Foundation and Paul Jackson, Group Chief Executive, The Hospital Saturday Fund.

At HSF Health Plan Malta, we are committed to supporting the Maltese community. This is why we pass all our profits to our parent charity, The Hospital Saturday Fund to make grants to charities that are making a real difference in people’s lives.

We have proudly supported five incredible charities including Smiling with Jerome Foundation and the Richmond Foundation.

Smiling with Jerome Foundation offers vital support to families dealing with childhood cancer. The Chemo Bags of Hope Initiative provides essential items to young cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. They have also helped schools provide specialised outdoor play equipment for children with special needs. Additionally, they provide support, assistance, and compassion for those going through the hardest times.

The Richmond Foundation is Malta’s leading NGO in providing community services for those with mental health challenges. They offer a wide range of support services, including assisted living, in-home assistance, support groups, and psychological support. The Richmond Foundation is committed to educating the public and promoting mental well-being to combat stigma.

Left to right: Adrian Button, Head of Sales and Marketing UK & EU, HSF Health Plan, Daniela Calleja Bitar, Interim CEO, Richmond Foundation, Ana Vega, Executive Assistant to the Group Chief Executive, The Hospital Saturday Fund, and Paul Clare, Managing Director, HSF Health Plan.

Charitable Grants Awarded

  • Emanuele Cancer Research Organisation
  • Hospice Malta
  • Richmond Foundation
  • Smiling with Jerome Foundation
  • The Malta Foundation

Healthcare That Gives Back: Join the HSF Difference

By choosing HSF Health Plan Malta, you are not only providing your employees with access to top-tier healthcare benefits such as dental, optical, and General Practitioner services, but you are also becoming a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those in need. It’s healthcare with a heart. Join us in making a tangible and positive impact in Malta.

To learn more about HSF Health Plan Malta and the charities that we support, please visit

The Hospital Saturday Fund makes its first grants in Malta!

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The Hospital Saturday Fund makes its first grants in Malta!

Following the recent launch of its trading company, HSF health plan (Malta) Limited , The Hospital Saturday Fund charity made grants totalling €30,000 to The Malta Trust Foundation towards their Sunrise Project, a mental health home support service in Gozo and to the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation towards an initiative within their communities, raising awareness and highlighting preventative measures.

Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, former President of Malta, on behalf of the Malta Trust Foundation, was “delighted to receive grants from The Hospital Saturday Fund and hope the health plan will be successful in Malta so that HSF can continue to support further charities in Malta and Gozo who assist those in need.”

A charitable group originating in the UK in 1873, were founded to help ordinary people to access medical treatment, which was costly prior to the establishment of the NHS. The trading companies of the charity continue this aim, offering low cost health plans to employers supporting their employee’s wellbeing. This includes cover for everyday health expenses such as dental, optical and GP appointments alongside other medical costs, becoming a popular employee benefit in the UK, Ireland (since 1949) and now in Malta.

All profits from the health plan companies are passed to the charity, who make grants to charities within Malta, Ireland and the UK of up to €2.5 million in 2022!

Paul Jackson, HSF Group CEO, explained “All those who join HSF health plan, just by belonging, are making a contribution to the important work of the charity, not something which usually happens when an insurance policy is taken out.” The Hospital Saturday Fund, whose logo includes a Maltese cross, will become an impactful addition to the Maltese charitable sector in the years to come.

The Malta Chamber welcomes new member Ray Micallef

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The Malta Chamber welcomes new member Mr Ray Micallef.

Mr Micallef is an Insurance Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in the Maltese Health Insurance market, a visiting lecturer in various institutions in Malta and a visiting speaker abroad, mainly specialising in Management and Health Insurance.

Mr Micallef holds an MBA from Henley Business School, an ACII from the Chartered Insurance Institute and an RGN diploma from the University of Malta. He enjoys a track record of achievement in executive positions with various insurance companies in Malta and is currently the General Manager of HSF health plan (Malta) Ltd.

HSF health plan Malta, which is the trading arm of the Hospital Saturday Fund, is a UK health insurer based in Malta offering innovative health insurance products to the Maltese market, wherein its profits go to charity organisations.

The Chamber Welcomes is part of the onboarding process of new members of The Malta Chamber.