Family Cover

Family Direct CM022
We have health plans that cover the whole family, all for one monthly cost. Family includes you, your spouse/partner and any of your children under 21. The children should reside at the same address as you.
Under these plans, you share the benefits between you. Cover is either Primary Schemes which cover up to 50% of the value of the receipts or Extra Cover which cover up to 100% of the value of the receipts (on certain categories, see benefits for full details).

Primary Schemes

Our Primary Schemes, FD1 to FD7, cover a wide range of health categories at an affordable price. With Primary Schemes we reimburse you 50% on certain categories of your professional treatment costs up to the maximum amounts shown.

Extra Cover Schemes

Our Extra Cover Schemes, FDA to FDC, are for those who want to pay a little more in order to get higher benefits in return. With Extra Cover Schemes, we reimburse you 100% on certain categories of your professional treatment costs up to the higher maximum amounts shown.
All of our schemes include HSF health plan Assist: GP Advice Line, Virtual Doctor, Private Prescription Service, Medical Information Helpline, Stress Counselling Helpline and Legal Helpline. Cover under this plan is subject to medical underwriting.
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Family Scheme Benefits