HSF health plan is here to help you with everyday healthcare costs.
The cost of healthcare can be daunting and expensive, whether unexpected or essential maintenance of your everyday health. That is where HSF health plan can help. To complete the joining process you will need the following:
Your bank details
The names and dates of birth of everyone to be included on your plan
Any medical information requested concerning everyone included on your plan
If at any time you need to refer back to the details of the scheme you have opted for, please click here www.hsf.ie
You can get HSF health plan in a few easy steps (Depending on scheme selection, not all steps may apply):
Choose Your plan
Complete your details
Add your family
Medical details
Enter payment details
Check and send your application
Once we confirm your details, your cover* will start and you will then receive your welcome pack.
When you receive your welcome pack with your policy number, you will be able to activate your MyPolicy online account where you can see your balance amounts, download your policy documents and information on HSF Assist.
*Cover will be subject to the Terms & Conditions of your chosen scheme. Please download and read the full Terms & Conditions for details.
Apply online